Don'ts for Golfers

Don'ts for Golfers

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The advice found in Don'ts for Golfers was originally printed in 1925 and contains hundreds of snippets of entertaining, timeless and amusing advice for golfers of all abilities. The content, ranging from technique and equipment to etiquette on the course, provides a fascinating snapshot of life in early twentieth-century Britain.

Advice includes:

'Don't irritate your opponent by wearing jazzy colours. To dazzle his eyes with a multi-coloured pull-over or peace-disturbing golf stockings is to take a mean advantage.'

'Don't blame your clubs for faults of your own that may be easily corrected if you analyze your methods of using the implements.'

'Don't over-indulge yourself in eating and drinking during the non-golfing days, and then expect to work off excess by "a good game of Golf." You may play Golf of sorts, but it will not be a good game.'

'Don't make Golf your sole topic of conversation. There are a few otherwise quite intelligent persons who are non-golfers. You will never make converts if you bore non-players to distraction by for ever talking of the Royal and Ancient Game.'