Mary Katz Claman


Mary came to Canada after World War II in 1945. She enjoyed the simple things in life; she loved to gamble, she loved eating, she loved her backyard garden, and above all else, her family meant the world to her. Mary had great respect for all walks of life and was a woman ahead of her time. She was very determined, which helped her survive the atrocities of Auschwitz. But, later in life, she faced a battle that she, nor anyone else could win - Alzheimer’s disease. We dedicate this month to Mary and to everyone battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Throughout the entire month of June we will be featuring the MKC salad for Alzheimer’s. A portion of the profits from this salad will be donated directly to the ARAC at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. This salad will include many memory-boosting ingredients, including a brand new dressing!

If you would like to donate directly to the Mary Katz Claman Memorial Fund for Alzheimer’s, please click the following link: